Murdock: 'I don't think Kevin Durant has confidence in the front office right now'

KD told Murdock that at first I was worried about expectations, but now I stick to what I bring.

Murdock made reference to the destruction of the franchise status of the current podcast. Murdoch's outlook was optimistic

He said that this is a kind of irony of you and also said that Kevin came to have a relationship with his BFF but it is not working

It was also told to them that I don't think Kevin is restless at the office yet.

Murdock pointed to a Nets decision he made to dump his longtime long-timer Adam Harrington as a negative.

Ringer writer says KD has the same attitude towards Irwin as KD had with James Horden

According to Murdock, it's all at the front office, he thinks it's Kevin Durant's team.

Durant believes the Nets did not support Irving

Murdock Visited HHS Training Those People I Saw the Beginning of Illne

Murdock thought that Irwin would leave him