No problem has been reported regarding the safety of the warriors, it is being told that their parade has run smoothly.

This parade of the Golden State Warriors champions was the fourth in eight years to be held on Monday

According to experts, it is being told that due to the huge crowd, there was some accident at the end of this parade.

Players and fans enjoy freely in the parade

We're all having a great time in this parade, said Dall Chapman

In the parade, the police of San Francisco were on horseback, somewhere on the pedals and according to the information, the police were also on the bike.

You will be happy to know that there was no major accident in this parade.

On this event Mayor Landon Breed said that the ceremony was very good He said that this pahla nba champion ceremony was very wonderful

On this parade, Oakland resident Mel Saavedra says that this parade is our third parade, he expressed his love for Dab.

People had to face a huge crowd at metro stations while going to their homes.