Seegene thought to know about Monkey Pox just read the full new

Seagene did PCR test to detect monkeypox virus

The assay can give us the result in 90 minutes, also we can defeat this viru

South Korea's Molecular Diagnostic Company Developed a PCR Test

The World Health Organization has called the monkeypox virus a health threat

According to the information, it has been found that this monkey pox virus is present in more than 52 countries.

In the Northern Hemisphere, 3-6 percent of deaths are reported from this virus.

According to some cases, it has been found that the duration of infection of this virus of monkeypox is between 5- 21 days.

Dr Jong Yun Chun says that monkeypox virus can spread rapidly in the world

Between January 1 and June 22, 3413 cases of monkeypox were confirmed.