Summer Solstice 2022, which is considered the longest day, but the erotic traditions are as follow

Summer Solstice is coming for 2022

The summer solstice is considered the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere

Let us tell you that according to NASA, there will be a summer solstice on June 21 at 9.13 pm. Same in Dubai it will be on Tuesday at 1:13 pm

This day is the shortest day of the year south of the equator

According to one information, it was found that the resident of Fair Becks gets 21 hours 41 minutes of daylight.

The Northern Hemisphere has seen an increase in the amount of sunlight coming in due to the Earth's alignment on one axis.

In the Swedan tradition there is a tradition of dancing around the maypole.

People of some parts of Greece still see their life partner in their dreams, it is their tradition.

Gris has a tradition of jumping into the kick of fire, it is believed that whoever succeeds in bringing fire three times, the person's sari's wish is fulfilled.

In India, the summer solstice is being celebrated all over the country since ancient times and here the summer solstice is celebrated with yoga sessions all over the country.

The time of sunrise in Chine is 3:23 in the morning, the people here stay in the daylight for 17 hours and enjoy