Read this full news to know about the death of Purdue All-American Caleb Swanigan

Playing basketball is a good thing Purdue played basketball many times in 2015-2017 but he was perfectly fine at that time

Purdue loved sweets and cheesecake

It is learned from the information that Swanigan's game was not football, he liked to play basketball.

When Swanigan was in 8th grade, he believed that weight comes not only from exercise but from eating well.

Swanigan had worked his way up as a basketball star in high school.

Swanigan was a college player with 600 points and 400 rebounds in a season.

He was selected on 26th place by Portland Trailblazers. It is said that this work was his smart work.

Swanigan struggled a lot in his life

Swanigan passed away at the age of 25, we will always remember Swanigan