Novak Djokovic beats second set to win Wimbledon opener

The six-time champion of All England Club beat Sunuvu Klon 6-3, 3-6, 6-3, 6-4

80 V victory in their grass court is considered

Djokovic is playing for the first time since losing to Rafael Nadal

Djokovic usually plays such games as he plays in South West Lundon

Djokovic is currently seventh in terms of Wimbledon win

Alison Riske is considered the first player to reach the second round.

The women who went ahead in this were the women number 29 of Ukraine and the number 3 women of Tunisia were Inhelina Kalilina.

French Open finalist Neist Casper Rood wins his first match on Court 12

Apart from this, if we look at the men's draw, Frances TFO of the United States was ranked 23rd.

Tommy Poll of the United States advances to number 30