Survival Of The Thickest Season 1 Review, Story, Trailer

Survival Of The Thickest Season 1 Story

  • Mavis, a fashion expert, goes through a life transformation after ending a five-year relationship with her partner.
  • The comedy-drama show follows Mavis’ journey of exploration to discover her identity without her ex’s presence.
  • The plot is criticized as meaningless and paper-thin, disconnected from reality, and unrealistic in its portrayal of even simple things.
  • Themes of self-discovery, determination, and self-sufficiency are intended but poorly explored throughout the show.
  • Mavis plays with the emotions of two men while trying to figure herself out, leading to an unlikable and indecisive protagonist.
  • The show uses comedy that often undermines other characters, failing to elicit laughter effectively.
  • As the plot progresses, Mavis is revealed to be narcissistic and selfish, making her difficult to relate to.
  • While morally ambiguous characters can add depth to a show, presenting a morally unreliable character as virtuous is criticized as unreasonable and repulsive.
  • Secondary characters, except for Jacque and Luca, appear shallow, insufferable, and difficult to empathize with due to their self-centered and entitled nature.
  • Natasha’s behavior at her ex-husband’s funeral is inappropriate, making the show’s lessons questionable, especially for its target audience of impressionable teenagers.
  • Despite the visually appealing color scheme and talented performances, the weak plot undermines the efforts of the actors.
  • The show lacks the promised self-discovery and comedy, with its average plot and unlikable characters making it not worth watching.

Survival Of The Thickest Season 1 Review

Survival Of The Thickest Season 1 Positive Aspect

1. Visually AppealingThe show’s color scheme effectively conveys emotions surrounding Mavis’ situation.
2. Talented PerformersThe actors in the show do an excellent job portraying their characters.

Survival Of The Thickest Season 1 Area for Improvement

1. Unrealistic PlotThe plotline feels disconnected from reality, making it hard to engage with the story.
2. Lack of Depth in ThemesThe show fails to explore self-discovery, determination, and self-sufficiency adequately.
3. Unlikable and Unrelatable CharactersMavis comes across as narcissistic and manipulative, making it difficult to relate to her.
4. Undermining Others for ComedyThe show’s attempt at humor undermines other characters and feels forced.
5. Questionable MoralityPresenting a morally unreliable character as a model of virtue is unreasonable and repulsive.
6. Shallow Secondary CharactersMost secondary characters are insufferable and lack depth, making it hard to empathize with them.
7. Unfortunate LessonsThe show may inadvertently teach impressionable teenagers negative behaviors due to its characters’ actions.
8. Flimsy PlotThe overall plot of the show lacks substance and fails to engage the audience.

Survival Of The Thickest Season 1 Trailer

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